This qualification offers a structured pathway for learners to cultivate proficiency in System Support. It introduces fundamental theoretical underpinnings of System Support and necessitates their practical application, fostering the acquisition of a diverse skill set. By engaging with this qualification, learners are empowered to become well-equipped professionals within their chosen field. The program's comprehensive curriculum ensures a holistic learning journey, serving as a bedrock for advancing to higher education, continuous personal development, and meaningful participation in the workforce.

  • Introduction to System Support and End User Computing
  • Fundamentals of Operating Systems
  • Hardware Components and Peripheral Devices
  • Software Installation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting
  • Networking Essentials for End User Computing
  • Security and Privacy Measures in System Support
  • User Account Management and Access Control
  • Data Backup, Recovery, and Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Common System and Software Issues
  • Remote Support Techniques and Tools
  • Collaboration and Communication Tools for System Support
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations in System Support
  • Emerging Technologies and Trends in End User Computing

  • Grade 12

  • Books
  • YouTube videos and tutorials demonstrating hardware components and assembly
  • Online resources on data backup strategies and recovery procedures
  • Online courses on networking fundamentals and concepts

Upon completing this comprehensive project, students will emerge with a refined proficiency in system support and end user computing. They will have cultivated a deep understanding of operating systems, hardware components, software configuration, and troubleshooting methodologies. By mastering networking essentials and security measures, they will be well-equipped to ensure seamless and secure user experiences. Furthermore, they will have honed their skills in user account management, data backup, and recovery, enabling them to provide efficient technical assistance. Through practical labs, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, students will have gained invaluable problem-solving expertise and remote support capabilities. Ultimately, this project will empower them to tackle diverse challenges in the realm of system support while staying attuned to emerging technologies and ethical considerations, thereby making them adept professionals in the field of end user computing.