The aim of the Network Technicians course is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of networking principles, protocols, and practices. Through hands-on training, participants will develop the skills needed to design, configure, and troubleshoot network infrastructures, ensuring optimal connectivity and security. Upon completion, participants will be prepared to pursue a successful career in network administration and support, capable of effectively managing and maintaining modern network environments.

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Design
  • Routing and Switching
  • Wireless Networking


  • Grade 12 Certificate

  • Networking textbooks covering device setup and configuration.
  • Networking protocol guides and tutorials.
  • Network documentation templates and examples.
  • Communication skills workshops.
  • Structured cabling guides and installation manuals.

Upon completing this course, students will possess the proficiency to adeptly navigate and administer network infrastructures. They will be equipped to diagnose and resolve network issues, configure devices for optimal performance, secure networks against cyber threats, and design effective network architectures. Furthermore, they will confidently employ network monitoring tools, execute remote management strategies, and document network configurations comprehensively. With the ability to communicate technical concepts and collaborate effectively, graduates will be well-prepared for diverse roles such as network administrators, support technicians, and IT professionals, empowered to contribute effectively in the dynamic realm of networking.