With the presence of world class skills development and training facilities, vigorous institute-industry collaborations, mentorships and job placement programmes, interdisciplinary research collaborations and industrial training opportunities help the students of ELA to excel and race ahead in the competitive professional environment. ELA is well-known, for quality education in information communication and technology, skills in management and digital marketing in frontier areas.
Embizo learning acadamey
The IT industry in particular is becoming increasingly specialized and it is looking for very specific skills in very specific areas. Current trends show that jobs that exist today could potentially not exist by 2025. We aim to unlock South Africa’s potential in the youth to become software engineers, software developers, systems architects, business intelligence experts, data analysts, systems and infrastructure experts, data miners or web developers among many others. Add to this, we have recently introduced an innovative concept – the opportunity to specialize in artificial intelligence, data sciences and cyber-security; all developed in collaboration with leading industry experts.
To advance education in the area of technology to as many young people of South Africa as possible, by embracing the open learning and blended principles. To identify the skills gaps in all relevant aspects of the 4th industrial Revolution (4IR) and to create programmes that match the skills required to meet these gaps. Advancing the skills frontier in the 4th industrial revolution. High quality course content and e-learning for a no compromise advancement of our nations skills needs Our students become part of a revolutionary participative education model, which addresses the needs and talents of each student. We also build enduring partnerships with business, the government and local communities.
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